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  • 4 Steps to Finding the Speed of Your Ethernet Connection

    Wireless networking can be amazing to use. However, this type of an internet connection cannot stand up to the reliability of a wired network connection. Of course, one of the aspects of knowing whether your connection is performing as it should is to check the speed of your Ethernet connection. Apparently, finding this can be […]

  • 4 Tips to Help You Get the Most Out Of Your Battery

    If you’re the proud owner of a Mac, you’d already know that you get excellent battery life. In fact, the latest range of Macs are said to run for almost 7 hours without the need for a wall socket. However, there are situations in which you might have forgotten to take your charger with you […]

  • Keeping Your Server Room Cool

    Written by: MovinCool Think about your biggest nightmare as an IT manager? Your computers getting hacked would be a problem, but servers that overheat and crash can cost the entire company money for every minute of downtime. What if your data, because your next backup is scheduled for tomorrow, is lost for the day?   […]