4 Steps to Finding the Speed of Your Ethernet Connection

Wireless networking can be amazing to use. However, this type of an internet connection cannot stand up to the reliability of a wired network connection.

Of course, one of the aspects of knowing whether your connection is performing as it should is to check the speed of your Ethernet connection. Apparently, finding this can be a bit difficult on a Mac.

Here are 4 steps to finding the speed of your Ethernet connection:

 macxcessStep 1: First, make sure that the ethernet cable is plugged in. Go to System Preference > Network to find out whether you are connected or not.

Step 2: There are two ways by which you can look for Network Utility on your Mac. You can use Spotlight Search to find Network Utility or even go to Applications > Utility > Network Utility.

Step 3: Now, find the Info tab that is under Network Interface. Also, use the dropdown menu to select the Ethernet option.

Step 4: Once you’ve done this, you should be able to see network connection details that includes network addresses and connection link speed.

This is all there is to finding your ethernet connection speed. While you are still located in the Network Utility menu, you can also look at other features such as Ping, Whois and Traceroute. The first option helps you test the amount of time it takes to send a message to a remote server. The second will inform you as to who is the registered owner of a particular domain. The third will trace a path physically along the the Internet when you try to connect to a remote server.