Getting your app approved by Apple

Every iPhone app development company Los Angeles and beyond knows that there are a few secrets to getting your app approved by Apple. Apple scours hundreds of app submissions every day and has certain criteria by which each app is judged. While you’re idea could be genius, an app that doesn’t meet Apple’s strict standards will never see the light of day. Here are some tips for getting your app approved.

Think Small

Apps that require large amounts of data or storage space just don’t make the cut. While Apple doesn’t have a specific cut off for the amount of space or data an app uses, more is not merrier in this case. Mobile application development Los Angeles focuses on keeping apps small and nimble like tiny iPhone ninjas.

Think Big

Though your apps data usage should be small, it’s potential audience shouldn’t be. The most successful iPhone app developers Los Angeles avoid apps with too specific a focus. An app that lets users find nearby knitting events won’t have the following of one that tracks the event calendar of major sporting arenas throughout the United States.

Load Quickly

If an app takes longer than 10 seconds to load, the folks at Apple are going to pass. It won’t matter how awesome your app is or how useful it it can’t be accessed on demand and in a hurry. You may think you’re creation is worth the wait, but Apple is unlikely to agree.

Know Your Audience

Apple provides those wishing to submit apps for review with detailed guidelines as to what they are looking for. Don’t throw your app together in a few days and then wing it when it’s time to submit. Apps whose developers clearly didn’t bother to read the guidelines are rejected swiftly and without mercy.
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