iCloud.com Photos App Now Has New Zoom, Email Features

iCloud.com Photos app from Apple was recently updated by the company. They have now added a new zoom feature to the toolbar. This feature allows users to zoom in on their photos that have been uploaded to the iCloud Photo Library. An email feature has also been implemented to facilitate sharing. Several sites have noted that Apple’s web-based Photos app has made it easier for users to send photos by email directly from the site. This has considerably improved the sharing of photos.

This addition of the new email and zoom features has followed a major update brought about in November to the iCloud.com app. This feature had enabled iCloud users to upload their photos for the first time in the system. Before this uploading tool was implemented, the iCloud.com web page allowed users to only download, view or delete photos from the library.

Though an upload feature might seem natural on such a database, Apple has only recently added it to iCloud. This new addition would ensure that iCloud becomes more viable and useful as a storage option for users. They will now be able to manage and upload photos to their libraries. While still in beta mode, iCloud Photo Library was at first introduced along with the release of iOS 8.1, and it allowed users to sync and have access to their photos on all Mac and iOS devices. Apple is now working on a release of a Photos app for Mac. This app will replace both iPhoto and Aperture and is expected to be released in 2015.