What To Expect From Apple in 2015

It could be quite tough for the company to surpass its 2014 performance in 2015. Apple has had a good year in 2014, there is no denying it. With the release of the giant-size iPhone 6 series where both models proposed by the company has destroyed sales records, the acquisition of Beats and the launching of the revolutionary payment service via mobile, the Apple Pay. The New York Times has stated that the Apple Pay has given rise to more traction than any other competing service. However, there are quite some other products to look out for from Apple during the coming year.

iPhone 7

After the iPhone 6 in 2014, there are chances that the company might be releasing the iPhone 7 by the end of 2015. The launch might come around the month of September.

IPad Pro/Plus

This is not confirmed yet but speculations have been going strong that this would be one of Apple’s product releases in 2015. The iPad Pro/Plus would constitute of a larger screen. The speculations might hold true since the company is targeting enterprise markets and this kind of product is particularly appealing.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is set to launch in early 2015. This will mark the company’s first dive into the wearable technology market and it would symbolize the first new kind of product release since CEO Tim Cook took over.

4” iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 released in 2014 was huge. Despite the fact that it is now established that the trend is going towards larger screens, Apple might make a statement by releasing a significantly smaller screened iPhone 6 in 2015.