10% of Consumers are likely to Buy a Smartwatch in 2015, estimated at 24M Apple Watches

As per a new survey carried out by the UBS, people are continuing to show interest in the upcoming launch of the Apple Watch expected to be out early next year. Out of the 4000 people surveyed from four different countries, about ten percent of them responded as being very likely that they would be purchasing the Apple Watch next year. Based on sales projections of the iPhone and the number of existing iPhone compatible with the watch, analysts can easily predict that sales of the Apple Watch might reach up to 24 million units during the first nine months following its launch.

Looking at the figures in details, 401 out of the population sample of 4000 were very likely to purchase an Apple Watch. 17% stated that they were somewhat likely to adopt the new product within the next 12 months. Since estimates have shown that around 240 million iPhones are currently compatible with the Apple Watch, this would imply that 24 million Apple Watches might be sold during the first year of its launch depending on the availability.

In a much smaller customer survey, the Apple Watch was ranked second to Samsung’s competitive product, Samsung Gear in users’ buying intentions. However UBS is expecting these ranks to be swapped as soon as the Apple Watch is officially released.

Analysts are also expecting that Apple’s new wearable technology would be a stepping stone in its category just like how its previous products fared in the market. The Apple Watch might even be a successor of the iPhone in the long run.