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  • 3 Nifty iOS Location Features

    3 Nifty iOS Location Features

    Your iPad and iPhone know where you are at all times. Even if this might seem rather intrusive, it can turn out to be rather handy as well. Of course, this is not just about tracking your location via Google Maps. Whether you need reminders or send notifications, iOS has a number of nifty location […]

  • 3 Ways to Fix an iOS App That Have Crashed

    For the most part iPad and iPhone apps are stable. But every once in awhile, you’ll come across an application that crashes. In other words, this means the app will quit itself almost immediately. Now there are a few instances when the app can crash: this could be when you are opening it, during its […]

  • 4 Steps to Disabling Siri in iOS

    There’s no doubt that Siri has some useful commands as well as an excellent sense of humor. However, there are a number of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users that would want to disable this feature. If you intend to, then remember that you will not be able to access this assistant anywhere else in […]

  • Finding the Best Computer Rental in Santa Ana

    Computer rentals are not a new business. They are offered everywhere. The demand for it is also growing especially in major cities. Computer rental in Santa Ana, California, for example, is a quite popular business. Many companies in the city offer computers for rent along with related accessories and peripherals including projectors, printers, as well […]

  • 4 Steps to Finding the Speed of Your Ethernet Connection

    Wireless networking can be amazing to use. However, this type of an internet connection cannot stand up to the reliability of a wired network connection. Of course, one of the aspects of knowing whether your connection is performing as it should is to check the speed of your Ethernet connection. Apparently, finding this can be […]

  • 4 Solutions to Slow Startup or Shutdown Times On Your Mac

    Are you seeing slower startup or shutdown times? It’s only normal if your Mac slows down as you add more documents and files. Of course, if your system slows down drastically, then this could be more serious than otherwise. That said, here are 4 solutions to slow startup or shutdown times on your Mac: 1: […]

  • How to Beat the Heat

    By MovinCool No matter where you live, you’re most likely pretty excited that summer is finally here. Now you can relax by the pool, see family and friends over the barbeque or take a vacation elsewhere. For those who live in cold climates, summer is a welcomed respite from all the hard work that comes […]

  • 4 Tips to Help You Get the Most Out Of Your Battery

    If you’re the proud owner of a Mac, you’d already know that you get excellent battery life. In fact, the latest range of Macs are said to run for almost 7 hours without the need for a wall socket. However, there are situations in which you might have forgotten to take your charger with you […]

  • Apple Begins Shipping The First Batches of the Apple Watch

    The wait is at last over for millions of Apple fans, the Apple Watch initial orders are being rolled out to chosen points of distribution across the US which shipping couriers are getting prepared for an increase in delivery needs. This launch will be starting as from Friday that 24th of April according to speculations. […]

  • Dehumidifiers for Water Damage Restoration

    Written by MovinCool When you have a home office complete with IT equipment and other electronics, a flood might not be the most convenient situation to have. Water, and particularly humidity are very noxious for wirings and the internal functioning of your equipment. In case of a flood or even exposure to humidity, a prompt […]