Rumor: Siri-Based Home Assistant to be Announced This Year

Today Amazon owns the voice-controlled home assistant market. Google Home is the only other player in the market at the moment. The one notable absentee is Apple. There have been rumors circulating for years of an Apple Siri-based home assistant. There have never been many details available, until now.

The rumors of a Siri home assistant device have changed and now even describe the device. The first detail to emerge is that the device will sport a high-quality Sonos caliber speaker that will have one woofer and seven tweeters. Apple will likely target the high-end, and Hi-fi audio will help achieve that.

Then there is the question of branding. The most likely branding will be Apple; however, some sites have suggested that either Beats or Siri could be part of the name. Siri Home and Apple Home are the two most likely names.

Another rumor floating around is that it will be a range of devices. A range of devices is bad news for Sonos who market to the high-end and count Apple customers as its target market. The rumors indicate a range of at least three devices. It is also possible that these could be devices under testing.

As with all rumors of Apple products, anything can change at the last minute. However, should they go ahead, the announcement is expected at this year’s WWDC with a possible Christmas launch. That should give enough time for developers to add to the platform before launch.