Yosemite’s Release Beats Last Year’s Maverick Release

With the recent release of the Mac OS X Yosemite, Apple has been pleased to notice a more swift adoption by users during the first week of the release as compared to last year’s Maverick operating system release. The difference in adoption rate is not significant as it is at a 12.8 percent rate as compared to 12.4 during the same period last year. The figures however, demonstrate a keen and sustained interest from the users for the new Apple OS release in a time when people are more interested in mobile devices than desktop devices.

Those figures are also a major improvement on the meagre 5.6 percent adoption rate that the Mountain Lion release had received in 2012. This is probably due to the fact that Apple was charging for OS updates back in 2012 and has adopted the free upgrade model lately. The impressive adoption rate for Yosemite would be beneficial to Apple’s strategy of bringing an OS that integrates seamlessly with iOS.

The success of this strategy from Apple might impact on other companies’ revenue strategy as well. Other major players such as Microsoft might go along the same path by offering future upgrades for free. Offering free software upgrades have proved to be beneficial to revenue instead of being detrimental. Apple’s figures for its Q4 have shown that their Mac sales have been at 5.5 million and their expectations were at 4.85 million. The company is expecting the figures to keep on taking the climb for other quarters.