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  • Smart Garage Door Openers

    Smart Garage Door Openers

    Lights and power outlets are two of the most popular parts of a home that smart home enthusiasts automate first. However, there is another part of your house where automation can bring many benefits: The Garage Door. The first benefit is that you can control the garage door from anywhere. Pair it with a camera, […]

  • Router security is terrible: How to fix it

    The vast majority of home routers are not secure. Security researchers believe that without a public campaign to ask users to secure routers, more than 40% of users in the United States are vulnerable to hacking and information theft. “If a router is sold at [an electronics chain], you don’t want to buy it,” independent […]

  • LG fixing Wi-Fi interference problems with UltraFine 5K Display

    Last summer, Apple discontinued its own Thunderbolt display after a five-year run. Rather than build a new display, during the launch of the new line of MacBook Pro, Apple recommended that users buy the  LG UltraFine 5K Display. The issue for most Apple customers was the lack of the Apple aesthetic, even though the display […]

  • Moving to the USB-C future

    Written by Costbuys Apple’s new MacBook Pro come with only USB type C ports. There are no other ports. Even charging the laptop is done using a cable that is USB-C. Although this has garnered a lot of negative publicity for Apple, they are not the only ones who are eschewing the older USB port […]

  • Qualities of a Top Grossing App

    The idea doesn’t necessarily have to be original. Explore the world of mobile app developers Los Angeles. You’ll find dozens that do the same thing. If your idea is similar to existing apps, make yours stand out. Good Planning The idea should be completely thought out before a single word of code is written. Know […]

  • 3 Nifty iOS Location Features

    3 Nifty iOS Location Features

    Your iPad and iPhone know where you are at all times. Even if this might seem rather intrusive, it can turn out to be rather handy as well. Of course, this is not just about tracking your location via Google Maps. Whether you need reminders or send notifications, iOS has a number of nifty location […]

  • Finding the Best Computer Rental in Santa Ana

    Computer rentals are not a new business. They are offered everywhere. The demand for it is also growing especially in major cities. Computer rental in Santa Ana, California, for example, is a quite popular business. Many companies in the city offer computers for rent along with related accessories and peripherals including projectors, printers, as well […]

  • 4 Steps to Finding the Speed of Your Ethernet Connection

    Wireless networking can be amazing to use. However, this type of an internet connection cannot stand up to the reliability of a wired network connection. Of course, one of the aspects of knowing whether your connection is performing as it should is to check the speed of your Ethernet connection. Apparently, finding this can be […]

  • 4 Tips to Help You Get the Most Out Of Your Battery

    If you’re the proud owner of a Mac, you’d already know that you get excellent battery life. In fact, the latest range of Macs are said to run for almost 7 hours without the need for a wall socket. However, there are situations in which you might have forgotten to take your charger with you […]

  • Keeping Your Server Room Cool

    Written by: MovinCool Think about your biggest nightmare as an IT manager? Your computers getting hacked would be a problem, but servers that overheat and crash can cost the entire company money for every minute of downtime. What if your data, because your next backup is scheduled for tomorrow, is lost for the day?   […]