3 Nifty iOS Location Features

Your iPad and iPhone know where you are at all times. Even if this might seem rather intrusive, it can turn out to be rather handy as well.

Of course, this is not just about tracking your location via Google Maps. Whether you need reminders or send notifications, iOS has a number of nifty location features that you can make use of.

Here are 3 of these iOS location features:

1: Reminder on Arrival or Leaving

Let’s say you need to visit the ATM so as to withdraw some cash. Of course, you can set a reminder when you leave the office so as to complete this task but there’s every chance that swipe it away and forget about it completely. Instead, try a geotagged reminder. For this, add a new reminder, select the ‘Remind me at a location’ setting and then pick a location. This reminder can be either set to go off when you arrive or are leaving a particular location.


2: Text Your Accurate (and Current) Location

If you are trying to meet someone who needs to know where you are at the moment, there’s a better way of doing this rather than giving them verbal instructions. In the Messages app, select the Detail button located in the top-right hand corner of your screen. Tap ‘Send my Current Location’. Your friend will get a message with your coordinates. While iOS users will get a snippet of a map, Android users get a link to Google Maps.

3: Figure Out When To Go

If you have a big meeting in the city, it’s not a good idea to be either too early or late. So, when do you go?

For this, decide when is the best time to leave and then set an Alert for your Calendar event. Or you can let iOS decide this for you. First add a location to the Calendar event. Now select an event’s Second Alert and Time to Leave. Of course, iOS will decide how long it will take for you to drive there and remind 15 minutes earlier.