Apple Acquires Camel Audio

Apple seems to have acquired a popular music effects and plug-in company, Camel Audio. The company’s address has changed to Apple’s London address and the director name is listed as Heather Joy Morrison, who is Apple’s lawyer. All these information confirm that Camel Audio is now in the possession of Apple.

Camel Audio has gained popularity due to its wide range of synthesizers, plug-ins, effects and libraries to which users had access when purchasing the company software, called Alchemy. The software was previously sold for $249 and the package included over 1000 sounds, a powerful re-synthesis engine, 5.5 GB of samples and various other synthesizer options. The powerful engine was beneficial for amateurs who were enjoyed creating and manipulating audio to render unique sounds.

Camel Audio had shut their doors virtually on the 8th of January and along the same line removed any links to their software from the website. The company did not communicate on the reason why they have stopped selling their product but fans speculated on the possibility of a takeover. Camel Audio only thanked users for their support and announced that the plug-ins and mobile IAPs would no longer be available.

The company will, however, continue to provide downloads of users’ previous purchases and support until July 2015. The also recommend users to download their purchases and back them up.

Till date it is not yet confirmed how Apple will use Camel Audio’s technology. It might be included to GarageBand or added to a new version of Logic Pro X.