New Retina MacBook Out in April 2015

Tim Cook has taken the stage on the 9th of March at the Spring Forward Apple Watch event to reveal the new developments regarding the company’s new MacBook lineup. The new products have been simply designated as New Macbook to convey the message of the new line. This changes from the previous designations of Macbook Pro or MacBook Air. These products would also be subject to minor updates as well. Below are details regarding the release date, specs and new features to expect.

The new Macbook would be weighing a meagre two pounds and have a thickness of just 13.1 mm. This makes it the lightest and thinnest Macbook ever. This is what Apple’s senior VP of Worldwide Marketing has announced to the public.

The company is expecting to innovate further in the marketing the new Macbook. Each component has been carefully studied to bring in the feeling of modernity. The laptop would have a fanless design, the retina display would be one of the thinnest in the market and the full-fledge keyboard would come at a 34% increase in thinness. Moreover, the trackpad would feature the Force Touch technology. The new Macbook would have a versatile USB-C port and an innovative terraced battery layout.

Apple had also brought updates to the 13 inch Retina Macbook Pro during the same event on the 9th of March. As with other products launched by the company in recent years, the new Macbook promises to enjoy fast sales turnover and stock turns. Apple will start shipping the 12-inch retina Macbook in April 2015.