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  • Moving to the USB-C future

    Written by Costbuys Apple’s new MacBook Pro come with only USB type C ports. There are no other ports. Even charging the laptop is done using a cable that is USB-C. Although this has garnered a lot of negative publicity for Apple, they are not the only ones who are eschewing the older USB port […]

  • Setting up and using Find My Mac

    One of the best features of owning a Mac is that once lost, you can find, lock or even erase your Mac. This is something that most PC’s do not come with by default and when they do, it is specific to that vendor. In this case all you will need is your Apple ID […]

  • Qualities of a Top Grossing App

    The idea doesn’t necessarily have to be original. Explore the world of mobile app developers Los Angeles. You’ll find dozens that do the same thing. If your idea is similar to existing apps, make yours stand out. Good Planning The idea should be completely thought out before a single word of code is written. Know […]

  • Apple introduces the new W1 chip

    During the September iPhone launch event Apple unveiled the new wireless Airpods. These were designed to go hand in hand with the removal of the classic 3.5mm headphone jack from the iPhone 7. The common complaint about wireless headphones and earbuds is that they use Bluetooth to connect to devices. The problem is that for […]

  • Installing Windows on your Mac

    There are times when you want to run Windows and you don’t have a PC. That might be because you want to play a game that is only available for Windows, or you might want to run some PC only software. There are two methods of running Windows on your Mac and which way you […]

  • The perfect backup plan for Macs

    The perfect backup plan for Macs

    Article written b  Cscl2002 Backing up all your data is extremely important. There are some actions which even file restore software cannot fix. A simple example is the folder merge/overwrite action. In MacOS overwriting a folder is not the same as in other operating systems. When you overwrite a folder, rather than merge, it removes anything […]

  • Elizabeth Warren accuses Apple of anti competitive practices

    Article written by Blue Lava Tech Apple is again the target of another politician, this time with accusations of anticompetitive behavior. She cited Apple, Amazon and Google but singled out Apple and mentioned them using their size to “snuff out the competition”. These comments were during an event called “America’s Monopoly Problem.” She gave specific […]

  • Apple announces Q2 2016 revenue

    Article written by Find Comment Apple has posted Q2 2016 earnings of $50 billion in revenue and $10 billion in profit. This is for the January to March 2016 quarter. Their earnings dropped as per their guidance last quarter citing macroeconomic issues and extra inflated iphone demand in the previous years quarter. “Apple® today announced […]

  • The Pros And Cons of App Development Overseas And In-House

    If you’re caught between outsourcing and working in-house, break down the pros and cons first. Time may not be on your side. If you’re looking into mobile app development, you’re going to have to decide whether or not you want to perform all the work in-house or share it by hiring an offshore company. There […]