Staying Productive During Your Work Commute

Summary: During your morning and after commutes to and from work there are techniques you can use to stay productive.


Research has shown that humans are not very effective multitaskers. While many may think they can increase their productivity by doing multiple things at once, scientists have shown that, rather than making better use of our time, we actually perform all involved tasks at sub-optimal levels.


That being said, for those who have to commute to and from their office each day, they may feel like the time they are spending on the road is downtime they could spend learning or staying productive. Some techniques can be used to make good use of this time you spend traveling every day.


Work as You Go


If you do not need to drive during your commute and do not have to focus your attention on the road, you could use the commute time during your mornings and evenings to take care of some work. If you use a rideshare service or take a train, you can take care of emails on your phone. You could also use your laptop to take care of some work and even use your phone as a mobile hotspot to access the internet. The mobility of a laptop makes it possible to work nearly wherever you want.


Learn Wherever


If you do not wish to work during your commute, you still have ways you can stay productive. Listening to audiobooks and podcasts are a fantastic way of learning anywhere. You can listen to content that pertains to your work to learn about what others are doing and to stay up-to-date with industry trends. Self-help books can help you psychologically, while fictional works can expand your creativity.



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