Dehumidifiers for Water Damage Restoration

Written by MovinCool

When you have a home office complete with IT equipment and other electronics, a flood might not be the most convenient situation to have. Water, and particularly humidity are very noxious for wirings and the internal functioning of your equipment. In case of a flood or even exposure to humidity, a prompt dehumidification is crucial to prevent any damage to equipment.

Dehumidifiers that are used for water damage restoration are built to withstand the most rigorous and hostile conditions. For instance, in case of a hurricane or if a water pipe has burst and ran for several days in a building without getting noticed, a dehumidifier would need to muster considerable power to get rid of most of the water and bring the building back to its original state. If the building is insured, pictures would need to be taken before undertaking the dehumidification. This would help in filing an insurance claim.

When combined with other equipment such as air scrubbers and air movers, dehumidifiers are able to promptly remove considerable amount of water from the inflicted environment in quite a short amount of time. These units are rugged and would usually have a high CFM rating and constitute of large wheels to facilitate their movements. Most dehumidifiers would also come with a condensate pump that would contribute to easily remove the water from the space. When necessary, these units can be ran all day long, depending on the durability of the machines.

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