Moving to the USB-C future

11Written by Costbuys

Apple’s new MacBook Pro come with only USB type C ports. There are no other ports. Even charging the laptop is done using a cable that is USB-C. Although this has garnered a lot of negative publicity for Apple, they are not the only ones who are eschewing the older USB port (Type-A) and others, in favor of the new USB-C. It is a versatile port that is reversible (meaning that there is no top or bottom to the port and be connected in either orientation) and can also provide power. Here a few accessories that will be needed to be able to use these new laptops. They can all be found with great shopping deals:

Dock – Ideally a USB-C dock that has multiple legacy USB ports will be the easiest method of going about it. These can take USB hard drives and pen drives. Just note that even though some will come with several ports, the number that will actually work at once will depend on the power draw of each. This way you don’t have to buy USB-C versions of all the devices you use, which, even with the best discount online shopping deals, will still come to a fair amount of money.

Thunderbolt adaptor – Using the USB-C port will be the only way for a laptop to send output to an external display. Since most new monitors have thunderbolt, you will need a thunderbolt adaptor to connect the monitor.

USB-C card reader – Wireless transfer of photos from digital cameras are still a messy and slow process. Since card readers are no longer built into modern laptops, the best way to get your photos copied is to get a direct USB-C card reader.


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