Negative reactions to the new MacBook Pro

macxcess-decApple is used to massive hype around iPhone launches. Thanks to leaks prior to the event there is very little actual controversy or negativity after the event. After all, everyone already knew what was coming. The launch of the latest in the line of MacBook Pro’s, on the other hand, had a lot of hype. The event and its announcements did not live up to any of it. Until now the MacBook Pro was unique in that it was a laptop with very few compromises. It was considered a Pro laptop and had a price tag to match. As famous Mac watcher, Marco Arment describes, it was Reliable, Powerful, and Versatile. Judging from the reaction to the event, that does not hold true anymore. Here are some of the reactions and complaints to the new MacBook Pros:

Jeff Johnson pointed out that although Apple talks about its ecosystem integration, you cannot plug in the latest iPhone into the latest MacBook Pro out of the box.

Marco Arment very correctly pointed out that there are no longer any user upgradable Mac laptops anymore. The last ones of that capability are no longer on sale.

Brian Stucki noted that one of the performance comparisons for the new MacBook Pro was for Aperture, an application that Apple retired two years ago.

Thomas Brand’s complaint is that just like the MacBook, all MacBook Pro’s SSD storage is now directly soldered onto the main motherboard. This means that if something happens to your board, the chances are high that all data will be lost in the process.