The Best Features on the New iPhone X

After months and months of speculation, we can now buy the new all screen iPhone X. As the pinnacle of the mobile phone, there are several features which make the phone a must-have for anyone needs the best smartphone. Here are some of the best new features:


The phone has a gorgeous all-glass design. It is reminiscent of the iPhone 3GS with its glass back. The only non-glass component on the case are the stainless steel bands on the side of the phone. Part of the reason for going all-glass was for wireless charging.


The best smartphone in town also needs the best screen technology money can buy. Apple did not disappoint with a 5.8-inch edge-to-edge “Super Retina Display,” with a 2,436 x 1,125 resolution and 458 pixels per inch. You still get 3D Touch, and a lot of work has gone into reducing the distance between the screen and touch surface, so it looks like you are actually touching the icons.

Face ID

The iPhone X does not come with a home button, so there is no Touch ID. Instead, you get Face ID, which uses thousands of infra-red dots to map your face. Now you can unlock your phone simply by picking it up and looking at it.

Wireless charging

Apple is finally embracing wireless charging for its phones and is using the open Qi charging standard for the iPhone X. With a specific charging adaptor, the iPhone X will also support fast charge.